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                简体中文 CN


                DALI FOODS GROUP

                Dali foods group has been established for 30 years since 1989. It has established seven famous brands: “Daliyuan” , "Haochidian" , "Copico" , “Heqizhzeng”, “Hi-Tiger” , “Doubendou” and ”meibeichen”


                Multi-brand strategy

                many a little makes a mickle Show our love

                Grateful for favors received.Dali actively participated in charity and public welfare undertakings to give back to the society. The group included charity donation into its annual budget, Institutionalized to provide guarantee and set up independent institutions to scientifically manage various public welfare funds. By 2017, Dali had donated 2 billion yuan in total and was awarded the "China charity award" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs twice.

                • Pay Attention To Education
                • Love And Respect To The Elderly
                • Disaster Relief And Rescue

                DALI FOODS GROUP


                Pay attention to our public number

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